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Ryoji SATO

Project Assistant Professor
I was born and raised in the outskirts of Tokyo, which has a lot of green but no cutting-edge “Tokyo” element at all. I did my undergraduate here in Komaba and also had been at the graduate school until 2013. After that, I moved to Melbourne, Australia for a doctoral degree. I submitted my doctoral thesis to Monash University there in 2016, and came back to the University of Tokyo in January, 2017.
I specialize in philosophy and ethics, in particular I work in the interdisciplinary areas between philosophy and cognitive science. I am interested in issues such as the relationship between consciousness and the brain, the difference between consciousness and unconsciousness, and the impact of neuroscience on humanity and society.
When I am not working or philosophizing, I tend to be either eating or doing exercises.

Message to students

I have stayed overseas for more than 5 years in total somehow, but I was a purely “domestic”student before I went to the U.S. as an exchange graduate student. Because of this, I think I can well understand anxiety and expectations of students without any international background to study abroad. But, at this age of globalization, I want those students to go out of Japan and express themselves!

Languages spoken

Japanese and English
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