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Message to Students

Tatsuhiko Tsukiashi
Director, Center for International Exchange

I was born in Sarufutsu-mura, Sōya-gun, Hokkaido and majored in Korean at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. My thesis was on the ideology of the first Japanese student to attend a university in modern Korea as an exchange student. I then attended Tokyo Metropolitan University Graduate School to further studies by majoring in Korean modern history.
During the course of my graduate studies from 1990 to 1992, I attended the Seoul National University Graduate School in Korea as an exchange student under a program of the Ministry of Education for studies in Asian countries.
Currently at the University of Tokyo, I teach Korean language classes to freshmen and Korean history to sophomores. At the same time, I am involved in activities related to education and student exchange between East Asian universities and the University of Tokyo.
Message to students:
I myself decided to attend a graduate school abroad, after forming a basis for my research.  I think that the decision itself was not wrong but I think that it was not wrong in itself, but I think it would have been better to have a bit more international experience before going abroad. Presently, our university offers a variety of international programs. My advice is to take full advantage of opportunities for your future career and to follow what may be of interest you.
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