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Keiko ITO

I was born and raised in down-town Tokyo, and lived in the U.S.A. for over 20 years. I received my doctoral degree (Ph.D.) in counseling psychology from Stanford University. I am a licensed clinical psychologist and teach college classes in clinical and cross-cultural psychology. I am professionally trained to help students with a number of issues such as cultural and personal transitions as well as adjustments associated with college life. "Counseling orientation" is an integrative approach drawing from a number of areas, including psychodynamic, interpersonal, humanistic, CBT, positive psychology, and multicultural perspectives. Past research has focused on preventive psycho-educational intervention for eating disorders, acculturation and ethnic identity development, bicultural self-efficacy, eco-cultural family studies of children with developmental disabilities, and disaster mental health (including PTSD). 

Message to students

The International Komaba Office counseling section is dedicated to helping students with any problem or concern that may require professional psychological assistance. We try to be sensitive to students' needs, and we aim to make student experiences at the counseling center as comfortable and pleasant as possible.  Together with other Globalization Office staff members, we can walk towards wellness.  We are excited and honored to serve you, and we care about your success here at the University of Tokyo.

Personal interests

Cooking, Gardening, Yachting, Japanese Taiko, Noh, any kind of music (including Okinawa Sanshin), and Mikoshi.

Languages spoken

Japanese, English, and conversational Swahili
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