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Welcome to our “Global Komaba” website!

I am Yujin YAGUCHI, Director of the Globalization Office.
“Global Komaba” was launched in March, 2015 by the following five sections which serve past, present and prospective students in enhancing their international experiences.

  • Globalization Office
  • International Students’ Advisory Room
  • International Research and Cooperation Room
  • International Student Section
  • International Center Komaba Office


The media and mass culture often lament that Japanese young people are introverted and are rarely interested in other countries. It is true that in recent years the number of Japanese students studying abroad has decreased significantly in comparison to a few decades ago. On the other hand, students from other Asian countries are enthusiastically studying abroad. The main concern indicated by this recent trend in Japanese society is that Japanese young people will be left behind in a globalizing world.

In my view, however, these concerns don't apply to the students of our university. The students I meet on campus are interested in other countries and many have studied abroad. We always have a large number of participants in our study abroad fairs and seminars.  
As far as the University of Tokyo is concerned, if students don't study abroad is not because they are introverted, but because they don't have adequate information and a support system that is equal to their motivation. It is true that in the past we have not been able to fulfill many students’ hopes to study at institutions around the globe.

In light of these shortcomings, we rearranged our international affairs-related organizations establishing the Globalization Office. The role of these offices is to assist students in their journey to understand and explore the world around them. We do our best to ensure that every single student has a chance to experience global interactions by creating a space where local students and international students from all over the world can meet and learn together. We provide study abroad information and consultation to local students, while at the same time reaching out to foreign universities and encouraging those from abroad to study and research here at the Komaba Campus.

From Japan to the world. Form the world to Japan. We encourage all students to use our resources to spread their wings and explore the world!      
Yujin Yaguchi
Director, Globalization Office
College of Arts and Sciences
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
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