Photo Contest "Life at UTokyo 2016" Announcement of Results

17. (Prakhar Misra) The Classic and Modern
, 8 31, 2016
Displaying Top 5 Photos at Office Now/International Center Komaba Office (21 KOMCEE West B1)/Student, Faculty and Staff at Komaba Campus/

Gallery: Top 5 Winner Photos

The International Center Komaba Office is pleased to announce that the top 5 photos have been selected. They are now being displayed at the International Center Komaba Office located in the basement of 21 KOMCEE West (open Mon.-Fri. 10:00-17:00).

◆Top 1: Grand Prize
"The Classic and Modern"
By Prakhar Misra
Top 2
By Biruktawit Taye

【1位 No.17】 (Prakhar Misra) The Classic and Modern

【2位 No1】 (Biruktawit Taye) A-maize-ing

Life at UT is a boat rowed being rowed by tradition and technology. Known for its advancements and liberal atmosphere, tradition too is respectfully kept alive in UT.
A lab. trip in Yamanashi-ken at a corn(maize) farm.

Top 3
By Prakhar Misra
Top 4
"友達 五月祭"
By Ziyuan Yang

【3位 No.16】 (Prakhar Misra) Leadership

【4位 No.19】 (Ziyuan Yang) 友達 五月祭

Interactions with numerous alumni and distinguished speakers at UT make it hard for me to sit back. I feel fired up to give in my 100% and focus onto excellence.
Have fun with high school classmates during May Festival of UTokyo.

Top 5
"TEDxUTokyo ~奇跡待つ静寂~"
By  薮井 知亜

【5位 No.12】 (薮井 知亜) TEDxUTokyo ~奇跡待つ静寂~

東京大学を拠点するTEDxUTokyoは、「ideas worth spreading」という精神の下にトーク・交流イベントを運営しています。イベント前夜、本郷キャンパス 工学部2号館にて撮影。総勢400人ほどの参加者がここで出会い、新たなものが生まれる場となる一日前の写真です。


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