Thematic studies "Global Praxis" Guidance Seminar for "Focus on Water: Hungary as a Land of Waters"

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, 4 6, 2017
18:45-20:00/21 KOMCEE WEST B1F Lecture Hall/Students who are interested in Thematic studies, Global Praxis: "Focus on Water: Hungary as a Land of Waters"/


This guidance session is organised by the Globalization Office, and will explain what to expect from the course entitled Thematic Studies "Global Praxis" Focus on Water Hungary as a Land of Waters. This guidance session will also cover several important points that participating students should be aware of, from registration till the end of the course.

Any questions are welcome. If you are interested in the course, we highly encourage you to participate in this guidance. The session will be held in Japanese or English depending on the participants.

In the case that we receive more applications than we can accommodate, we will take into account whether or not applicants attended the guidance seminar.

Enquiries: sakurai[at]
Water is an essential element in all our lives. H2O is a particularly important factor in the industries, infrastructure, science and leisure of Hungary, due to the country’s geographical location, natural resources and traditions. Hungary is world famous for its water-engineering and management achievements, including thermal baths, top quality potable water, water work engineers and Olympic medal winning water sport athletes.
The 'Water’ Summer School is a two week program providing a wide variety of interdisciplinary lectures, skill building sessions, site-visits, and social activities, focused on the diverse topics and challenges related to water usage, management and sustainability.
Daily lectures will cover subjects closely linked to water, such as sustainability and innovation, health, sports and environment, recreation and tourism, transportation and natural disaster management.
During the program, students will work in Water Focus Teams, in which they identify the essential role of water in the 21st century and create an action plan on how to develop a) Water Conscious Living b) New Brand: Hungary as a Land of Waters. Students will work on group projects while visiting appropriate sites, conducting street interviews, debates, and will present a posteror their work at a forum.
The course aims to grow global citizens - individuals who identify themselves as responsible members of a global community - with a deep understanding of the world around them, as well as a broad perspective on global issues. Critical thinking and intercultural communication skills will be developed through collaborative work with Hungarian students.


Seminar Details

Date / TimeThu, April 6, 2017 18:45-20:00
PlaceKomaba I Campus, 21 KOMCEE West B1F, Lecture Hall
Organised by Center for International Exchange, Globalization Office, UTokyo
Notes No registration required. You can go in & out during the session
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