International Event "Star Festival/Bon Dance & Party☆"

, 7 7, 2017
18:50-19:50 Star Festival & Bon Dance, 19:55-20:55 Party/K101, 21 KOMCEE West, Komaba I Campus, MM Hall (21 KOMCEE West B1F)/All student, faculty and staff at Komaba Campus/Friday, July 7, 2017
On Friday, July 7th, "Star Festival/Bon Dance & Party" will be held on the Komaba I campus.  This event will give international and local students a chance to get to know each other in a casual setting. Let's enjoy traditional Japanese folk dancing on the night of "Tanabata-Star Festival" !

Event Details

Date / TimeFriday, July 7, 2017
18:50-19:50  Star Festival & Bon Dance
19:55-20:55   Party
PlaceBon Dancing…K101, 21 KOMCEE West, Komaba I Campus

Party…MM Hall  (21 KOMCEE West B1F)

EligibilityAll students, faculty and staff


1. Online Form
2. International Center Komaba Office
       Place:    Komaba I Campus, 21 KOMCEE West B1F
       Hours:   Monday-Friday  10:00-17:00
3. Institute of Industrial Science (IIS), International Relations Section
       Place:    Komaba II Campus, IIS Research Bldg. (C Block) 2F  Room Cw204
       Hours:   Monday-Friday   9:00-17:45

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