International Event "Noh Performance & Party"

, 12 1, 2017
18:50-21:00/18 Building Hall (Noh Prformance), MM Hall (Reception)/Students, Faculty and Staff at the University of Tokyo/Friday, December 1, 2017
The International Center Komaba Office would like to invite you to the following event organized for students faculty and staff at The University of Tokyo. After the Noh performance, there will be a reception party where you may have some chats with Mr. Tsunao Yamai, Noh actor, and other participants over free food. This is a great opportunity to enjoy Noh on Komaba campus. Please come and enjoy the traditional Japanese performing arts!!

Event Details

Date / TimeFriday, December 1, 2017
18:50-19:50 Noh Performance, Q&A
20:00-21:00  Reception
PlaceRakugo     : 18 Building Hall, Komaba I Campus
                   Map: No. 36 on Komaba I Campus Map             

Reception : MM Hall  (21 KOMCEE West B1F)
                   Map: No. 39 on Komaba I Campus Map

EligibilityAll the students, faculty and staff at the University of Tokyo


1. Online Form
2. International Center Komaba Office
       Place:    Komaba I Campus, 21 KOMCEE West B1F
       Hours:   Monday-Friday  10:00-17:00
3. Institute of Industrial Science (IIS), International Relations Section
       Place:    Komaba II Campus, IIS Research Bldg. (C Block) 2F  Room Cw204
       Hours:   Monday-Friday   9:00-17:45


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