"Discover BUNRAKU" ~Lecture & Performance~ (Monday, December 18)

文楽ポスター(HP サムネイル用)英語
, 12 18, 2017
19:00-21:00/National Theatre/International Students & Foreign Researchers/Friday December 8, 2017 17:00
The International Center Komaba Office would like to invite you to the following event organized for international students and foreign researchers at Komaba Campuses. If you want to attend the event, please register at the offices listed below.

Event Details

Date/TimeMoniday, December 18, 2017
Schedule17:30    Meet in front of the campus map located near the main gate of Komaba I campus
17:45    Leave Komaba I campus
18:15    Arrive at "Hanzomon Station" on Hanzomon Line.
              *Although participants will receive free tickets for the BUNRAKU performance, they need to bear the
                transportation fee from "Komaba Todai-mae" station to "Hanzomon" station. Those who prefer to
                go to the National Theatre by themselves, please meet us at the "Reception desk for UTokyo
                students" at 18:30.

18:30    Registration at the National Theatre    
19:00   "Discover BUNRAKU" starts
21:00   "Discover BUNRAKU" ends
21:10    Break up at the theatre
EligibiityInternational Students and Foreign Researchers at the Komaba Campuses

※Audio-Guide (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish) is available.
※For detailed information about the performance, please see the following National Theatre's website;


DeadlineFriday, December 8, 2017  17:00
Place1. International Center Komaba Office
       Place:    Komaba I Campus, 21 KOMCEE West B1F
       Hours:   Monday-Friday  10:00-17:00
2. Institute of Industrial Science (IIS), International Relations Section
       Place:    Komaba II Campus, IIS Research Bldg. (C Block) 2F 
                    Room Cw204
       Hours:   Monday-Friday   9:00-17:45
NotePlease bring your Student ID/ Faculty ID for sign-up
Participants will be chosen by lottery if there are more than 50 applicants.  In that case, international students will be given priority over foreign researchers.


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