Guidance for "Explore Japan with Finnish and Hungarian students" Thematic course, Global Praxis/Global Praxis (advanced)

, 4 10, 2018
18:45-20:15/Lecture Hall, 21 KOMCEE West, B1F


Please be informed of the correction in the syllubas of the this course.

40375 : Thematic Studies Global Praxis: Explore Japan with Finnish and Hungarian students

* To participate in this course, you must successfully complete "Specialized Seminar: Education in Finland" offered in S1 Term. ……
* この授業を履修するには、S1タームに開講される全学自由研究ゼミナール「Education in Finland」を履修して合格し、なおかつその授業の課題を通じて選抜されることが必須要件です。

* To participate in this course, you must successfully complete "Specialized Seminar: Introduction to Undergraduate Research in Japanese Studies, Fri 2nd Period" offered in S1 Term. ……
* この授業を履修するには、S1タームに開講される全学自由研究ゼミナール「Introduction to Undergraduate Research in Japanese Studies (金・2限)」を履修して合格し、なおかつその授業の課題を通じて選抜されることが必須要件です。

Guidance information


This guidance session is organised by the Globalization Office, and will explain what to expect from the course entitled Thematic Studies "Global Praxis: Explore Japan with Finnish and Hungarian students".

Any questions are welcome. If you are interested in the course, we highly encourage you to participate in this guidance. The session will be held in Japanese or English depending on the participants.

In the case that we receive more applications than we can accommodate, we will take into account whether or not applicants attended the guidance seminar.

If you wish to receive updated information for the course enrollment, please fill in the form here.

The guidance slides can be downloaded HERE.
Enquiries: sakurai[at] (Project Lectuer Dr. Yusuke SAKURAI)

This course aims at developing students' world view and understanding of global issues. Our particular focus is on the issues of Japan studies. UTokyo students will welcome students from Finland and Hungary for about 10 days, live together at National Olympic Memorial Youth Center, and participate in various collaborative learning opportunities in seminars, workshops, field research, intensive discussions, and Japanese language learning as a foreign language. Students will not only learn through a series of seminars and workshops, but also proactively engage in research on a particular topic of their interest together to deepen their understanding about Japan. After the trip, they will summarise what they have learned during the course from the perspectives of, for example (but not limited to) knowledge, attitude and skills. The course is undertaken in English, and accordingly, offers opportunities for the students to develop their academic skills in English (The pre-seminars will be carried out in either Japanese or English depending on the course participants).


Guidance Details

Date / TimeTue, April 10, 18:45-20:15
PlaceKomaba I Campus, 21 KOMCEE West B1F, Lecture Hall
Organised by Center for International Exchange, Globalization Office, UTokyo
Notes No registration required. You can go in & out during the session
Guidance slides URL not yet available


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