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A curriculum has been specially designed for AIKOM students. Apart from the Japanese language components, all courses are offered in English. The main part of the curriculum comprises a number of courses in Japanese studies and the Japanese language program. The curriculum is structured so that the students will acquire basic knowledge on Japan as well as receive more specialized training in the disciplines they wish to pursue. Participation in the Japanese language program is not compulsory, though every year, most of the students enroll in the program.

Combining these with other courses offered for regular students, each AIKOM student is expected to acquire a minimum of fourteen credits per semester in order to complete the AIKOM program.


Special Features of the AIKOM Curriculum

One outstanding feature of the AIKOM curriculum is the number and the diversity of professors who are involved in teaching. The majority of the courses are offered by the faculty members who regularly teach at the Komaba Campus. The AIKOM students are offered an opportunity to be in immediate contact with academics in various disciplines.

Since the AIKOM courses are placed within the general curriculum framework for 3rd/4th year students studying at the Komaba campus, regular students also participate in some of the Japanese studies courses. This offers an opportunity for AIKOM students to interact and work together with Japanese students at the everyday level.

The Japanese language program is designed to cater to the needs of the AIKOM students who wish to acquire and/or advance their Japanese language skills during their stay in Japan.

Most of the regular courses offered at the Komaba campus are also open for AIKOM students. Students with high-level competence in Japanese are welcome to take courses offered entirely in Japanese. There are also a number of regular courses offered in English as well as foreign language courses such as French, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Korean.
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