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AIKOM (Abroad in Komaba)

What is "AIKOM"?

The AIKOM (Abroad In KOMaba) Program is a student exchange program between the University of Tokyo’s College of Arts and Sciences and overseas partner universities. Students may participate in the program for one semester or one academic year. The AIKOM Program is operated under a formal short-term exchange agreement which stipulates mutual tuition waivers (whereby participating students pay full tuition to their home university) and credit transfers (whereby credits earned during the study year abroad which fulfill stated requirements are recognized by the students' home universities).


Applications are accepted from students in the Senior Division of the College of Arts and Sciences (excepting a few departments) and students of partner universities. The College of Arts and Sciences now sends and receives more than 25 students each year.


To be eligible, applicants must be full-time third or fourth year undergraduate students at one of the partner universities during the period of the program. Since AIKOM courses are offered in English, knowledge of Japanese language is not necessarily required. Applicants, including those from countries where English is not the main language, should have sufficient English proficiency (TOEFL 550PBT/213CBT/80iBT or higher). Criteria for selection includes academic excellence, dedication to one’s purpose and commitment to international educational exchange.


Academic Program

The AIKOM program offers special courses for participants (called "AIKOM students") taught in English, where students can study the dynamics of Japanese culture, society and political economy in a broad international context. No prior knowledge of the Japanese language is required. The program also offers intensive Japanese language courses.



AIKOM Students receive accommodation at the University of Tokyo's Mitaka International Hall of Residence, located about 40 minutes from the Komaba Campus by train and bus. This dormitory has single rooms furnished with a bed, desk, kitchenette and shower. The students usually pay a little more than 12,000 yen per month for basic rent and utilities.

Personal Stories

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