Incoming Student

Lin Gengxian Shunji

Singapore/College of Arts and Sciences (PEAK)/Undergraduate Student/Hi, I’m Shunji, and I am a third year PEAK student!
Introduce yourself.
Hi, I’m Shunji, and I am a third year PEAK student!

What attracted you to Komaba, UTokyo?
I was attracted to the then new PEAK program, as I had an interest in a wide range of fields pertaining to environmental sciences, and also because I could study at UTokyo in English.
I also love the music scene, particularly the jazz scene, in Tokyo!

Describe your transition to Komaba, UTokyo.
There was a lot to get used to, such as the unfarmiliar school system, learning a new language, and getting around Tokyo. However, the Globalization Office staff as well as the students in UTokyo were extremely friendly and understanding, and with their help I was able to overcome most of my difficulties.

Describe the adjustment to Japanese culture.
Although I am still in the process of adjusting to and learning more about Japanese culture, being in Japan has helped me to broaden my perspective by enabling me to gain new experiences and interact with people of different backgrounds and beliefs. I find that it helps to have an open mind, to be resourceful, as well as to tap into your uniqueness as a foreigner. While you learn about Japanese culture, people want to know more about you too.

Describe the friendships and connections you’ve made at Komaba, UTokyo.
I am truly fortunate to have not only made many close Japanese friends in Komaba, but also that as a foreign student I have been exposed to the international community in Komaba, and have made many close friends from all over the world. Life at UTokyo is never dull with friends like them!

What’s your favorite thing about Shibuya and Tokyo?
Although Tokyo can be a little too crowded at times, I love that Tokyo offers a myraid of activities to suit anyone’s interest!

If you could give one piece of advice to a new international student or researcher, what would it be?
Keep an open mind and you will definitely enjoy your stay here!


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