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Guidance Sessions for Global Praxis Programs (A Semester)

Individual guidance schedules for Global Praxis in A semester/term. Seven programs will be open in this semester (two programs have already finished). 
* Note: Each guidance session will be held in Japanese except for (1).
  1. Yujin Yaguchi, PhD "Junior/Senior Division Global Praxis: UTokyo/ANU Exchange in Tokyo and Canberra, Australia"
    September 29 18:45-19:45, Room 21KOMCEE East K114
    *This is the same guidance seminar held in July. It is not necessary to participate in the guidance twice. 
    *In the case that we receive more applications than spots in the program, we will take into account whether or not applicants attended the guidance seminar.
  2. Tatsuhiko Tsukiashi, PhD "Senior Devision Global Praxis: [Title TBA]"
  3. Toshiko Ellis, PhD "Senior Division Global Praxis :Exploring Diversity in the 21st Century"
  4. Terue Okada, PhD "Junior Division Global Praxis: International Peace and Conflict Resolution: Study Tour in Kazakhstan"
    September 29 5th Period Room K201
  5. Yusuke Sakurai, PhD "Junior Division Global Praxis: "Intensive English: Forging your English in Australia into an advanced level"
    Guidance ended in July (Guidance slides)

Slides used in the introductory seminar are available HERE.


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