Outgoing Student
North America

Arata Matake

College of Arts and Sciences/University of Washington (America)/2015/ A friend of mine had studied abroad and recommended I study abroad too.
1 What made you decide to study overseas?
A friend of mine had studied abroad and recommended I study abroad too.
2 Please tell us about the best experience you had studying abroad.
I made great friends there.

3 Please tell us about the hardest part of your overseas study.
 Because I had to read too many articles and papers in the first quarter, I couldn’t follow the course.

4 What types of classes did you take?
Applied ethics, journalism, computer science, etc.

5 What were you involved in outside of class? (Clubs, volunteering, internships etc.)
I sometimes took dance classes. I made a Japanese international student team to attend the “Cultural Fest”, which is an performance event for international students, performing “Sōran-bushi”, a Japanese traditional dance performance.

6 How do you want to make use of your experience overseas?
Since I have interacted with people with various viewpoints, I came to be able to understand and respect diverse ideas of people with completely different background..

7 If you have any advice for students planning to study abroad, please tell us.
You don't have to worry too much. You can get by under any circumstance. Just have fun.

8 If you have anything else you want to say, including any experience that left an impression on you, please do so here.
Do not make your study abroad destination your only goal, because what's important is not where to study but what to study.


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