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English Rakugo by Tatekawa Shinoharu

2016.12.7/Posted by Savy Des-Etages
I first learnt about Rakugo in a rather unconventional manner. As I was playing an Ace Attorney video game, 逆転裁判 (Gyakuten Saiban) in Japanese, one of the murder cases involved a Rakugo poet and various Rakugo stories. So when I heard that there would be an event for me to actually go and see Rakugo performed not only live, but also in English, I leapt at the chance.
Tatekawa Shinoharu was very engaging during his performance, telling his audience many different classic Rakugo stories. A particular favourite of mine was Jugemu (寿限無), although for me the best part of the evening was the Question & Answer session. One is not often presented with the opportunity to ask a Rakugo artist so many questions and the audience certainly had plenty, which I believe is a testament to how engaged and fascinated we all were.
At the after-party, where there was tasty food and a perfect opportunity to meet other students, I was lucky enough to hold a conversation with Tatekawa Shinoharu on the various types of humour each country possesses (I was happy to note that he was fond of British humour!). This event was definitely the highlight of my week and if this sort of event is put on again then I would encourage everyone to go and see for themselves how delightful an evening of Rakugo can be.
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