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Student Exchange Program with Graduate School of Arts and Science, New York University 2017/18 (Graduate Students)

Deadline : 2017/3/31 (Fri) 16:00

Upon applying for this program, make sure to submit all the required documents without any flaw by the deadline, meeting all the conditions stated below. An application is accepted only in the case that all the following conditions are fulfilled.

          1.  All the required documents are submitted strictly before the deadline.
          2.  All the required documents are prepared perfectly in accordance with the application guidelines and
              other related documents.

To submit perfect application documents, please read and understand the application guidelines and other related documents thoroughly and carefully, and start preparing the documents well in advance.


Application Guidlines/Application FormDetails here
Application Deadline No later than 16:00 on Friday, March 31, 2017
Where to Apply International Research and Cooperation Office (Room 26A, 2F, Building 101)


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