[Graduate School/College of Arts and Sciences]MEXT/Japanese-Korean Government Scholarship/Interchange Association Scholarship The Schedule for Enrollment Confirmation and Scholarship Payment for FY2017


To MEXT Scholarship Students/
Japanese-Korean Government Scholarship Students/
Interchange Association Scholarship Students
enrolled in the Graduate School /College of Arts and Sciences,

Please see the schedule for enrollment confirmation and scholarship payment for FY2017(April 2017-March 2018) in the following PDF files.

*Since the schedule for Enrollment Confirmation is subject to change, please see the bulletin board or website of International Student Section occasionally.

MEXT Scholarship /Japanese-Korean Government Scholarship:
2017 Enrollment Confirmation for MEXT Scholarship Students (as of 2017.3.27)

Interchange Association Scholarship:
2017 Enrollment Confirmation for Interchange Association Schoolarship Students (as of 2017.3.28)


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