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International Event "Dodgebee & Party☆”

2017.4.27/Posted by Bobby Wen & Sarah Goh
On April 27, The International Center Komaba Office organized “Dodgebee & Party” for both international and domestic students here in the University of Tokyo. For those that don’t know, and I certainly didn’t. Dodgebee is a game where participants are split into two teams, each occupying a half of the court. Players are not allowed to cross over the middle of the court over to the other team’s side, but are instead encouraged to throw soft foam frisbees at the other team members. Should a frisbee hit or bounce off players on the other team, that player is transferred to the outside of the others team’s court, where they may get back at the other team by throwing frisbees at the members of the opposing team. A whole 70 of students participated and students were grouped into a healthy mix of local and exchange students. There is something about sport, in its co-operation, teamwork and sense of connectedness that helped seamlessly to bridge the gap between the two groups of students. After the game, many students could be heard laughing and talking together as they shared food at the afterparty, undoubtedly exhausted and hungry for something to eat.
Many times, during my exchange I have reflected on how great it would be to have something similar to the GO/International Center Komaba Office at my home university. Not only are students at Todai offered support in terms of logistics, organization and university-related issues, GO tutors also provide an invaluable service to exchange students by assisting them with both Japanese and help in their daily lives, but also offer a chance to communicate and develop people to people ties between what can often be very different cultures. The GO lounge is a sophisticated, modern space where domestic students at Todai can mix with exchange students, and a variety of faces from all nationalities can be seen daily.
by Bobby Wen

Many international students and Japanese students attended the “Dodgebee & Party” event organized by the International Centre Komaba Office and it was a great opportunity to interact with people outside of our usual social circles. At the party, there were lots of good (and free!) food and snacks to go around, especially after everyone was hungry from all the exercise earlier on. It was very fun and interesting talking with people from many different backgrounds and I am certainly looking forward to the next event!
by Sarah Goh








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