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【Program Information】Thematic Studies Global Praxis: Promoting learning–The Finnish way(Finland) (S2 Term)


This course is now offered for the Senior Division students!

N.B.: Any Senior Division students can be enrolled in the course (i.e., This course is a "Senior Division General Education Course"). Those who did not take the (formerly) prerequisite course "Education in Finland" (S1 term) can take this course.

If you are interested in taking the course, please check course details and apply through the online form.

The extended application deadline is【Tuesday, June 12】

Inquiries: Globalizationa Office
Weekdays 10:00~17:00

About this course


This course aims at developing students' world view and understanding of global issues. Our particular focus is on the various issues of Finnish Education. Students will visit Finland for about 10 days and participate in various learning opportunities such as seminars, school visits, and intensive discussions with local students. Students will not only learn through a series of seminars and school visits, but also proactively provide relevant topics of their interest to local professors and students to deepen their understanding of the issues in education. After the trip, they will summarise what they have learned during their stay in Finland from the perspectives of, for example (but not limited to) knowledge, attitude and skills. The course is undertaken in English, and accordingly, offers opportunities for the students to develop their academic skills in English (The pre-departure seminar will be carried out in either Japanese or English depending on the course participants).

If you wish to get the updated information of the course, fill out the form.

Enquiries: sakurai[at] (Yusuke SAKURAI, PhD, Project Lecturer)


UTokyo students who are interested in enrolling the course, fill out the Online Enrolment Form by June 7.

You can download the slides of the course guidance HERE.

Day to Day Schedule

September 6 Thur: Predeparture Orientation-1 10:00-16:00 (Lunch 12.00-13.00)

  • Travel guidance, travel insurance, risk management, & preparation for presentations

September 7 Fri: Predeparture Orientation-2 10:00-15:00 (Lunch 12.00-13.00)

  • Refining presentations & goal setting

September 9 Sun: Departure & arrival

  • Gather at Narita at 9:00
  • Departure (AY074) 11:00 
  • Arrival: 15:20 at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport
  • Transfer by train from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport to Tampere
  • Accommodation check-in, settling down
  • Orientation and getting to know Finnish Society and Culture

September 10 Mon: Introduction to the program and Finnish Education System

  • Finnish Education system and training routes from Pre-School to Higher Education
  • Principles behind Finnish Education system (Trust and responsibility, Equality and equity, Highly educated teaching personnel, Practices based on scientific research, Importance of physical activity)
  • Presentations by UTokyo students: What fascinates me about Finnish Education (2 x 10 mins)
  • Lunch (dietary requirements taken into account)
  • Paradoxes of Finnish Education: Less is More, No dead ends etc.
  • Afternoon coffee
  • Teacher’s role and tasks and teacher autonomy
  • School visit, Basic education, grades 1-6th
  • Q&A session at school

September 11 Tue: Curriculum and assessment in the Finnish Basic Education

  • Presentations by UTokyo students: What fascinates me about Finnish Education (2 x 10 mins)
  • Curriculum as a basis for education
  • National core curriculum vs. local curricula
  • Curriculum Reform: New National Core Curriculum – from What to How
  • Curriculum and teaching materials
  • Coffee
  • Assessment in the Finnish Basic Education: continuous assessment, but no national tests
  • The role of academic and practical subjects in basic education
  • Lunch (dietary requirements taken into account)
  • Get-together and sports activities with Finnish students including snacks and refreshments.

September 12 Wed: Early Childhood Education and Care in Finland

  • Presentations by UTokyo students: What fascinates me about Finnish Education (2 x 10 mins)
  • Care, education and teaching to support children’s balanced growth, development and learning
  • Educare model: integrated approach to care, education and teaching
  • Curriculum Reform: New National Core Curriculum for ECEC in Finland
  • Coffee
  • Different forms of day-care and early childhood education in Finland
  • The funding and fees for day care
  • Pre-primary education as a link between early childhood education and school
  • Lunch (dietary requirements taken into account)
  • Visit to kindergarten
  • Q&A session at kindergarten

September 13 Thur: Teacher Education and University Studies in Finland

  • Presentations by UTokyo students: What fascinates me about Finnish Education (2 x 10 mins)
  • Introduction to the Teacher Education in Finland
  • Coffee
  • Finnish model for teacher training, in-service-training and further training
  • University student´s learning in Finland
  • Lunch (dietary requirements taken into account)
  • Visit: University of Tampere, Teacher Education Department
  • Q&A session at the University

September 14 Fri: Methods for improving Learning

  • Presentations: What fascinates me about Finnish Education (2 x 10 mins)
  • Activating teaching methods workshop
  • Hands-on experiences about modern teaching methods frequently used in Finnish schools
  • New ideas about teaching and learning based on Finnish teaching excellence
  • Farewell lunch
  • Afternoon coffee
  • Reflection and evaluation of the program
  • Learning outcomes of the course (given as pre-assignment)

September 15th Sat

  • Accommodation check-out
  • Transfer by train from Tampere to Helsinki
  • Accommodation check-in, settling down

September 16th Sun

  • Free time

September 17th Mon

  • Seminar at the University of Helsinki (Topic higher education)

September 18th Tue

  • Departure flight from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport
  • Departure (AY073) 17:15 

September 19th Wed

  • Arrival in Japan 8:50

September 20th Thur

  • Reporting day
  • Creating a report

Cost estimate

Flight fare + Accommocation at Helsinki + Helsinki-Tampere train fare: ¥220,000
Accommodation at Tampere (2-4 person room): approx. 180 EUR (This may vary according to the number of participants.)
Tuition fee: 1364EUR = 1100EUR + VAT(Including five weekday lunch meals) which includes: 
  • Seminar fees: Lectures and workshops held by Finnish Education experts, Expert host during your program, Learning material
  • Transportation: to and from visit sites
  • Tampere school visit arrangement: Guided visits to Finnish schools, Classroom observation at Finnish schools, participation in the school’s day-to-day activities, Opportunities to talk with principals, teachers and students
  • Certificate of the participation
  • Meals: Lunch x 5 + Coffee x 5

Pay by yourself:
  • Transportation to/from the Airport(s) in Japan
  • Meals
  • International travel insurance (\10,000-15,000)
  • Other personal costs

Scholarship available for the course participants. Applicants who will take this course do not have to fill out anything in the box of "指導教員" of the application form. 


Dream Hostel & Hotel, Tampere 
Hotel Arthur Helsinki, ​Helsinki 

Major university destinations

University of Tampere
University of Helsinki

Local Contact Address

Mrs Ellimaija Ahonen CEO
Learning Scoop
TEL: +358 40 7037337

Embasy of Japan in Helsinki

Embassy of Japan in Finland
Unioninkatu 20-22, 00130 Helsinki, Finland
TEL: 09 686-0200
International +358-9-686-0200

Guidance information

The guidance seminar was held in April 11. The slides are available at HERE.


Komaba I Campus, 21 KOMCEE West B1F
Globalization Office (Week day 10:00-17:00) 
Yusuke SAKURAI, PhD, Project Lecturer


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