International Event "Star Festival, Bon Dance & Party"

2018.7.6/Posted by International Education Support Office Komaba Branch
The “Star Festival/Bon Dance & Party” was held on the evening of Friday, July 6 at Komaba I Campus. This year, as with all previous years there were many participants and everyone enjoyed the party afterwards.
As it was the night before Tanabata (the Star Festival) everyone wrote their wishes on a “tanzaku”, a rectangular piece of paper and hung them on the bamboo tree, followed by singing “Tanabata-sama”. For many of the students this was their first time to sing in Japanese, but they sang wonderfully while referring to the lyrics, as if it was not their first time.
After singing, the next activity was the bon dance led by the GO Tutors. The dance was to be performed to two well-known bon dance and music, the “Tokyo Ondo” and the “Tankobushi”. The students under instruction of the GO Tutors were very determined and eager to learn. Students split up in to smaller groups to practice, and after the practice made two large circles using the whole studio to dance the bon dance. Some students participated in the event wearing a yukata, which added a touch of summer to the atmosphere.
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