[Center for Japanese Language Education] Short-term Japanese Course /Special Themed Japanese Seminar

For more information, such as application requirements and how to apply, please see the following website:

■Short Term Course
【For Beginner Level】
"Introduction to Japanese Language"
Term Period: July 24(Tue.) - July 27(Fri.) 13:00-16:40

Special Themed Seminar
1.【For Intermediate Level】
"Speak well and Listen better Japanese for Intermediate Learners"
Term Period: July 25(Wed.) - July 27(Fri.) 13:00-14:40

2.【For Advanced Level】
"Academic Japanese"
Term Period: July 30(Mon.), 31(Tue) and August 3(Fri.) 9:30-12:40

3.【For Intermediate to Advanced Level】
"You Can Do It! Tips on Reading Japanese Kanji for Kanji background students"
Term Period: July 31(Tue.) - August 2(Thu.) 13:30-15:10


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