Registration for Go Global Gateway・Go Global Gateway Campaign Days

The University of Tokyo encourages every student to possess global competence or “the ability to live and work together with all kinds of people throughout the world.” Go Global Gateway, launched in April 2018, offers students a chance to obtain a university certificate that attests to their global competence. We open the second registration from September 20 to October 31 in 2018. Start Go Global Gateway by submitting your Go Global Statement!
Eligibility: Students who enrolled in undergraduate course since April 2018. * Period of registration: September 20 to October 31
*For PEAK students, only students who enrolled since September 2018 will be eligible to register.
★Related Event: "Go Global Gateway Campaign Days"
In this event, we explain about privileges and events after registration as well as the outline of Go Global Gateway and how to register for it.
* The event will be held in Japanese.
Date and Time: Lunch time on October 2 (Tue.) and 4 (Thu.)
Venue: MM Hall, 21 KOMCEE West B1, KomabaⅠCampus
For more details about Go Global Gateway and event, please go to the Go Global Gateway website. (for 4月生)




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