International event "Dodgebee & Party☆" Oct.11,2018

2018.11.2 Posted by Daniel Wee & Satoshi Kurokawa
Report for Dodgebee Event (October 11th, 2018)
The 2018 Dodgebee event was held at the new temporary gym and the MM Hall on Thursday, October 11th, 2018. It was the first Dodgebee event I have ever experienced since arriving in Japan half a year ago. At about 7 pm the participants registered themselves and after all the participants have arrived we began with radio exercise or ‘Rajio Taiso’ which was a way to warm up before the games began. The staff and coordinators were very kind and pleasant to show us how the warm-ups were done in Japan as this is a common practice in schools before the start of the day. After completing the warm-ups, we were divided in groups of four according to colors (yellow, blue, green etc.). The game follows a round-robin format, where each team meets every other team. As we hurdled together before the commencement of the game to discuss our respective strategies, the coordinators reminded us about the rules of the game and asked us to select three representatives to be become the outfielders. The court is divided into two general spaces adjacent to one another with three smaller spaces surrounding each general space. The three outfielders will stand in these smaller spaces for each respective team and the rest of the members will stand inside trying to avoid the oncoming frisbee. As the members were eliminated one-by-one, they will tend rotate out to the three smaller spaces surrounding the opposition’s general space and try to eliminate the opposition’s members. If they managed to hit any member of the opponent’s team, they will be allowed back inside their own general space and resume their role in trying to avoid being hit by the opponent’s frisbee again. This goes on until one side has been completed eliminated (i.e., every member has been hit and deported to the three smaller spaces surrounding the opponent’s general space). Our team (yellow) lost almost every game; however, being able to beat the eventual champion team (blue) was one enduring memory which made us very satisfied with our performance. Every team really did their best which was truly impressive as it showed their commitment and team spirit which left a deep impact on me. To end it all, the Dodgebee event was truly fantastic as it was an opportunity to mix around and get to know a lot of new people as well as practicing our language ability. I would like to thank the staff as well as the International Education Support Office Komaba Branch who has taken much effort to organize this event for us students. I hope to be able to participate again in their activities in the future!

Daniel Wee
USTEP (Malaysia)
  Invited by a friend of mine from Hong Kong, I participated in the dodgebee & party event held on October 11th. To be honest, due to my lack of English proficiency, I was worried about talking with international students. However, once we started playing, it was so much fun to play with the international students and I realized I was actively engaged in their conversations.
  Catching the Flying disc was much harder than catching the round ball used in dodgeball. In order to prevent our teammates from getting hit, we all made sure not to lose sight of the flying discs and warned the others where they were. Thanks to our great teamwork, we were fortunately awarded the 2nd prize.
  After finishing the dodgebee tournament, a party was held in a hall in the KOMCEE WEST building. I was able to talk with the other foreign students during the party, where they explained their backgrounds and why they decided to come to Japan. I enjoyed talking about Japanese customs with them, and realized that I did not know as much about Japan as I was supposed to. If I had known more about my own culture, perhaps we would have had a much more interesting conversation.
  All the participants including the tutors from GO were very kind and friendly. I promise that I will definitely participate in the next event and I suggest that you do too!
  Thanks to GO for hosting this event and to my friendly teammates for helping me have this great experience!
Satoshi Kurokawa
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences







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