The University of Tokyo Mejirodai International Village (September 2019)

第一次先行募集受付:March 15, Friday ~ April 15, Monday  Inquiries:Housing Office, The University of Tokyo

How to apply:
Please visit and make an application from the special website page on Mejirodai International Village of  Housing Office.

Housing Office, The University of Tokyo

※Please make sure to check the latest infromation about  the applciation as it will be updated accordingly.

・Applicaiton Period
Frist       Period:March 15, Friday ~April 15, Monday
Second Period:June 1st, Saturday ~June 30, Sunday *

*Second Application  will be conducted  via Online System for Utokyo Accomodations(OSTA).
Please visit  the website Global Komaba and check the information about housing news which will be post
in the late of May.

Housing Office, The University of Tokyo


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