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About Peer Study Abroad Advisors

In fall 2016, the Globalization Office launched the Go Peer Study Abroad Advisor Program in order to respond to a greater number of requests for study abroad consultations, caused by an increase in the of number of the university’s short term study abroad and exchange programs. All advisors have previously participated in exchange programs and many have also participated in short-term overseas programs.
Go Peer Study Abroad Advisors are here to help anyone who is interested in studying abroad but is unsure of where to study, has questions about how to study for the required exams, wants to know about a particular university, or even just has a simple question.

No appointment is needed, so please feel free to drop in. Shifts change every semester, so please check this page for details.

Futhermore, if you are seeking concrete information on administrative processes such as applying to study abroad programs, scholarships, and so on, please inquire directly at the International Student Section

Advisor Profiles

Abhishek Gupta
College of Arts and Sciences, Environmental Sciences (PEAK)

National University of Singapore, NUS

Hello everyone! I am Abhishek, a PEAK 2nd Year Environmental Sciences student. I studied at NUS, Singapore for one semester as an exchange student from Todai. I am born and raised in India and always wanted to explore the vibrant nature of Asia hence decided to do my exchange within Asia. So, you have any questions related to study abroad for any university, please feel free to contact me!!!
Naochika Watabe
College of Arts and Sciences, International Relations
University of the Philippines, Diliman
Republic of the Philippines
Hello everyone!  I'm Naochika.
I studied Community Development at University of the Philippines for one year in order to deepen my understanding of development.
If you have any concerns about your exchange program, feel free to contact me!
Shiori Arai
College of Arts and Sciences, Environmental Science (PEAK)

University of Cologne

Hi everyone! I’m PEAK 4th grade student. I was studying abroad in Germany for a year. And I also joined some short-term programs in Hungary and Indonesia.
I’d like to help you with your concern about studying abroad. Please feel free to come and ask me anything :) Thank you.

Kizuki Niimi
PEAK Environmental Science
The Autonomous University of Madrid
Hi! My name is Kizuki and I studied abroad at The Autonomous University of
Madrid for a semester as part of the USTEP program. Through GLP-Gefil, I
also had the opportunity to join the summer program at Cape Town hosted by
LSE (London School of Economics) and UCT (University of Cape Town). If
you're interested in studying abroad in Spain or joining Gefil, please come
talk to me! Looking forward to seeing many of you.

North America
Yui Fujita
College of Arts and Sciences, International Relations

University of British Columbia

I studied gender and human rights at University of British Columbia from September 2017 to April 2018. I also joined a hands-on activity to go to London and a summer program at University of Geneva. Happy to share my experience abroad and looking forward to talking with you!

Haruka Fuse
 College of Arts and Sciences, International Relations
University of Toronto
Hi! I’m Haruka. I studied International Relations and East Asian Studies at University of Toronto for one year as an exchange student. I also studied at summer programs in Sydney and Nanjing. If you have any question about international experiences, feel free to visit us and GO office! Looking forward to meeting and talking to you!
I Hope to see you at G.O.
Taiki Sano
College of Arts and Sciences, North American Studies
University of Washington, Seattle
Hello! I’m Taiki and have spent two years of my life on the West Coast. I go to Australia quite often, too. Hopefully, I can provide an alternative - a more relaxed - way of looking at “going abroad.” Looking forward to chatting with you!
Naomi Ellis
International Relations

Johns Hopkins University

Hi! I studied Political Theory at Johns Hopkins University in the States. I have some study abroad & internship experiences in Germany, Switzerland and China as well. Looking forward to talking to you and happy to answer any questions you have! ☺
Wai Kuan Ieong
College of Arts and Sciences, Environmental Sciences (PEAK)
University of Melbourne
Hi, everyone! My name is Waikuan, people usually call me Jennifer. I am a PEAK 4th Year environmental sciences student, and I went on exchange for one semester at the university of Melbourne in Australia. I am from Macau, China and I have been in Tokyo for almost 3 years. I really love exploring new places so I decided to study abroad even though I am already an international student here. If you have any questions regarding study or lives in Australia, please do not hesitate to contact me! See you at GO lounge!
Tomoko Inazawa
Cultural Anthropology
University of Otago
New Zealand
Hi, I'm Tomoko, a fourth year student majoring in Cultural Anthropology. I studied at the University of Otago in New Zealand for one year. I've also studied in China, Australia and the UK for a short period. I have great interest in various languages and other cultures, and would love to talk with those with different backgrounds.

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