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About Peer Study Abroad Advisors

In fall 2016, the Globalization Office launched the Go Peer Study Abroad Advisor Program in order to respond to a greater number of requests for study abroad consultations, caused by an increase in the of number of the university’s short term study abroad and exchange programs. All advisors have previously participated in exchange programs and many have also participated in short-term overseas programs.
Go Peer Study Abroad Advisors are here to help anyone who is interested in studying abroad but is unsure of where to study, has questions about how to study for the required exams, wants to know about a particular university, or even just has a simple question.

No appointment is needed, so please feel free to drop in. Shifts change every semester, so please check this page for details.

Advisor Profiles

Hi! I am REO Murai, a final year student and major in Asian studies. I was studying at Hong Kong university for a year as an exchange student. I also have joined short period language course and an internship program in China. I think I can give good advices especially if you're wondering whether you should go to an English speaking country or non English speaking country.
Hi, I’m Keisuke Kato, a fourth year student in International Relations Department. I was studying in NUS (National University of Singapore) from July 2015 to May 2016. In NUS, I took some political science module, history module and Chinese language module. I also travelled in Southeast Asian countries during the vacation, so I can share my experiences of traveling as well. If you have any questions (or even not), please do feel free to ask me! I’m really looking forward to talking to you!
Hi! I am Yuta Okamoto, a final year student and major in International Relations. I studied at National University of Singapore(NUS) for a year as an exchange. I was also at the U.S. during the middle school times. I hope I can help you with your decision making with the regards to the location of your exchange, as well as the ways to make most of the exchange period. Please feel free to ask any questions!!

Hi I'm Naoki and a senior student majoring in cultural anthropology. I studied at University of the Philippines, Diliman for about ten months from 2015 to 2016 as an AIKOM exchange student. I participated in a work camp in Borneo, Malaysia and worked for handicapped people in the summer vacation of my first year in college through Hands-on Activity of UT. I also went to Vietnam to research the ODA of Japan’s government as a participant of JICA International Corporation Field Study Program for College Students in the spring vacation when I was a freshman. Although I’m curious about the diversity of human beings and study cultural anthropology as my specialty, I’m interested in international development and literature as well. I can give you some advice on studying abroad in general. Especially for those who want to go to non-Western or “developing” countries, I would like to talk with you various topics from concern about safety to local language. Please feel free to talk to me.


Hello everyone!! I’m Eriko, I studied at Rome for one year and I speak Italian in addition to Japanese and English. I also studied abroad in the US in high school. I’d love to see and talk to people who would like to study abroad and it’d be my pleasure if I could help in any way! We’ll be waiting for you at the office!

I am a fourth year, majoring in French Studies. I studied at Sciences Po in USTEP program, thanks to the TOBITATE scholarship. I also studied at the University of California, Berkeley for three weeks during the summer of 2014. If you need any help about studying abroad, don’t hesitate to ask me!

Hi, I’m Yoshiyuki. I’m majoring International Relations and interested in the relations among Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and EU. I studied political science and law at Trinity College Dublin in Ireland for a year. If any questions about Ireland or studying abroad, feel free to ask me! I’m looking forward to seeing you!

North America
My name is Kristina and I am a senior in the PEAK Environmental Science program. During the summer of my freshmen year, I participated in a Hands-on Activity Program where we visited various international organizations in Paris and studied with students at the Ecole Polytechnique. This brief two-week program opened my eyes up to the breadth of experiences only accessible when you place yourself in a unfamiliar environment outside of your comfort zone. Hence, I decided to exchange at McGill University for a year, mainly studying biology and neuroscience. Besides academics, I was highly involved in club activities, and travelled to many neighbouring countries during the holidays. Please feel free to approach me with questions about the application process or just to chat about life in Canada!

This is my fourth year in Todai, and I am majoring in International Relations. I was studying at the Australian National University last year and joined the summer program at University of California in San Diego when I was a first year student. So I totally feel your excitement and concerns! Please feel free to ask if you have any query about exchange/other study abroad programs.

Hello! I'm a 4th year student majoring North American studies. I studied abroad for two semesters in University of Sydney in 2015 as an exchange student. Anyone who has ever thought of studying abroad, please feel free to come casually to GoOffice and talk with us! If you have not yet had a clear vision of where you want to go or what you want to study abroad, it is totally okay. We can sort it out together.

South America

Hey I'm Kotoe, a 4th year student from the PEAK Environmental Sciences program. I studied at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile from Feb. 2016~ July 2016 (1 semester), and now I'm trying to fulfill my credits in order to graduate in Sept. this year. If you want to know about studying in Spanish-speaking countries or going for a 1 semester exchange, I'm the one to ask!

I studied at the Catholic University of Chile as an exchange student for a year(2015-2016). I also participated in a Global Praxis course in Komaba and will study at the Oxford University with the IARU summer program in 2017. Let me know if you are interested in any of the programs I have participated!


Monday Lunchtime
Kotoe Kuroda (Chile) Naoki Shibamiya (The Philippines) Yoshiyuki Yamada (Ireland)
Monday Third Period
Yumiko Kijima (Australia)  
Tuesday Lunchtime
Eriko Yamaguchi (Italy) Kristina  Chou (Canada) 
Tuesday Third Period
Eriko Yamaguchi (Italy) Keisuke Kato (Singapore) Misato Nasukawa (Australia)
Wednesday Lunchtime
Yuta Okamoto (Singapore) Yumiko Kijima (Australia) 
Wednesday Third Period
Yuta Okamoto (Singapore) Kotoe Kuroda (Chile) Kristina Chou (Canda)
Thursday Lunchtime
Risa Terada (France) Risako Takashima (Chile) 
Thursday Third Period
Risa Terada (France) Yoshiyuki Yamada (Ireland) 
Friday Lunchtime
Reo Murai (Hong Kong) Misato Nasukawa (Australia) Keisuke Kato (Singapore)
Friday Third Period
Reo Murai (Hong Kong) Risako Takashima (Chile) Naoki Shibamiya (The Philippines)

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