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Pre-departure Orientation

The Globalization Office offers a series of pre-departure orientations which is designed to help students mentally prepare for going abroad in order to ensure that all students have a meaningful and fruitful study abroad experience.



Post-Return Presentations

At the Post-return Presentation, students who have returned from studying abroad talk in general about their experience and what they learned while abroad. This event is held a number of times throughout the year. Students present on such topics as their pre-study abroad goals, what steps they took towards achieving these goals, and to what degree they achieved them. Also, they give useful advice for students thinking about studying abroad. Each time students share pictures and stories of their daily life abroad and these presentations should have something of interest for all students.



GO Mini Study Abroad Advising Session

At the Mini Study Abroad Advising Sessions held at the Globalization Office, former study abroad students share knowledge gained from their study abroad experience. Those who have an intersted in studying abroad can come and get firsthand advice from these students about various topics such as: preparation for study abroad, life after studying abroad, job hunting, scholarships, daily life, safety and many others. Students who are currently studying abroad at UTokyo also participate in the Mini Study Abroad Advising Session, and this is the perfect opportunity for connections to be made between UTokyo students who have studied abroad, students currently studying abroad at UTokyo, and UTokyo students who hope to study abroad.

Risk Management

It is important that before leaving to study abroad, all students take appropriate measures to insure their safety and wellbeing while abroad. In order to help do so, please carefully read the University of Tokyo's "Emergency control services">"OSSMA."
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