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Partner Universities

Countries and RegionsUniversities/DepartmentsEligible Students
Korea Hankuk University of Foreign Studies [College of Oriental Languages/Japanese Languages] 
Peking University [Department of History]  
Nanjing University [Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges]  
Fudan University [Foreign Affairs Office]  
East China Normal University [Si-mian Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities]  
National Chengchi University [Department of History]  
National Chengchi University [Graduate Institute of Taiwan History]  
National Chiao Tung University[Graduate Institute for Social Research and Cultural Studies]  
Vietnam Vietnam National University, Hanoi [College of Social Sciences and Humanities]
Singapore National University of Singapore [Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences]  
New Zealand  University of Otago  
U. K. University of Warwick  
Ireland University of Dublin, Trinity College Dublin [Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences]  
Humboldt University of Berlin 
Martin Luther Universitiy Halle-Wittenberg [Faculty of Philosophy I] 
The Free University of Berlin [Department of History and Cultural Studies] [Graduate School of East Asian Studies] [Friedrich Schlegel Graduate School of Literary Studies] 

Grenoble Alpes University  
University of Paris VII - Diderot * 
University of Paris VIII * 
Switzerland University of Geneva  
Italy University of Roma "La Sapienza" [Faculty of Oriental Studies]  
Spain University of Seville [ Faculty of Philosophy ] 
Russia Russian State University for the Humanities * 
United States
Swarthmore College  
University of Washington [College of Arts and Sciences]  
The Johns Hopkins University [The Krieger School of Arts and Sciences]  
New York University [Graduate School of Arts and Science]  
Chile Pontifical Catholic University of Chile  
                                                                                  * University-wide agreement
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