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Advanced English at Sydney University
A. S. (SIII)

39 students participated in this program with Professor Sawayanagi and Mr. Sato as our guides. Our main purpose was to participate in programs at CET (Centre for English Teaching) for two weeks from January 11th to 22nd.

We were divided into two courses, General English and Graduate Academic Skills (GAS), based on an exam conducted at Komaba beforehand. There was 1 GE class and 5 GAS classes. The number of the students from the University of Tokyo was limited to 7. I participated in the GAS course.

GAS is a program held for five weeks during summer break for students who will enter a master course at the University of Sydney the following semester. We were allowed to join the second and the third weeks of the course.

The aims of the lectures were to judge the credibility of the papers we read, to brainstorm, to write literature review, to give a presentation, and to write an essay on what we had thought about deeply using information from sources we gathered. Discussing research and study methods in class was really new to me, and I was a little surprised. There were many students from Asia whose native language was not English. They stimulated us a lot, and I especially was amazed at their presentation skills. I think it was good to get to know students from other countries and make friends with them.

The GE and GAS lectures finished at noon and we took part in various programs prepared for us by CET prepared in the afternoon. Specifically, a tour around the campus of the University of Sydney, two workshops to improve our international communication skills and the ability to solve problems, doing homework with support of the students of the University of Sydney, two lectures from two professors of the University of Sydney about the history of Australia and Australian indigenous people, and a visit to National Museum of Australia.

We did not have lectures or specific programs on the weekend and in the evening on weekdays, so we were free to enjoy sightseeing in Sydney. For example, Taronga Zoo, Bondai Beach, Manly Beach and Blue Mountains were popular places to visit.

There were also two events Professor Sawayanagi and Mr. Sato planned. We saw “La Bohème” at the Sydney Opera House on January 13th. Also, we had the opportunity to talk with alumni of the University of Tokyo living in Sydney. These two events were truly unique opportunities.

We learned many things from these special experiences. Finally, I would like to say thank you to everyone who supported us during this course, especially to Professor Sawayanagi and Mr. Sato. Thank you very much.


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