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Advanced English at Sydney University (TLP)
Shunsuke Matsuno(LII)

On January 10th, we traveled from cold midwinter Japan to hot midsummer Sydney. In this international study program, we participated in a two-week English class held by The Center for English Teaching (CET). We learned academic writing skills from CET instructors in the morning and joined various activities in which we were able to experience Sydney’s culture in the afternoon.

First, I am going to write about the academic writing class. We had to to complete an academic essay at the end of the class, and, with this goal in mind, we learned all manner of writing skills. The Tokyo University students were separated into 5 classes, and each class was made up of Tokyo students and Chinese students. In the class, we had a lot of opportunities to talk in small groups about various topics. I got the impression that the Chinese students` English level was not that high. However, they certainly had their own unique opinions, and I enjoyed exchanging opinions with the Chinese students who had different cultural backgrounds from me.

After the class, we had various activities such as participating in guest lectures and making videos with student ambassadors from Sydney University. To tell the truth, I found most of the activities somewhat dull. However, I found one lecture particularly interesting in which we made pairs with Chinese students and studied cross cultural communication. In this way, I was able deepen my understanding not only of China but also of Japan by discussing the culture and conventions of each county.

On the weekends, because we did not have class or other activities, we spent most of the time sightseeing. I went to the Sydney Opera House, Bondi Beach, Manly Beach, and the Blue Mountains etc. When I took a trip away from the center of Sydney, I saw a lot of vegetation and was able to lesson my daily fatigue.

Overall, this program was interesting and fun. The program owes its success to the program organizers Dr. Sawayanagi and Mr. Sato, the Tokyo students who joined this program with me, and the teachers at Sydney University. I hope this program will continue to develop further.


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