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UTokyo/ANU Exchange in Tokyo
W. K. (Natural Science I)

I think our group did well with daily reflection. We gathered every day and discussed for about an hour. Through the course, I learned a lot of things, and I have chosen some to reflect on here. What I found most interesting was the gender problem involving mountains in Japan. I did not know that there are still mountains which women cannot access. What was more surprising was that the local women supported this custom. I could not logically understand this reasoning and therefore found it interesting.
I also gained a lot through this course in terms of skills and attitudes toward learning. During lectures at the University of Tokyo, it is unusual for students to ask questions. However, in this program, we were encouraged to do so, and there were several questions asked in each session. This was a fresh experience for me and I was able to ask questions and participate in the discussions as well. It was a great experience. My attitude towards lectures changed and became more positive.
What I appreciated most about this program is that we were divided into five groups. Due to this group system, we were able to exchange a lot with one another. Every day after lectures we spent our free time together, and the more formal meetings with group members were also really meaningful. I had many opportunities to communicate with ANU students, which improved my English and communication skills.
The last thing I want to mention is that because I participated in the first part of the program, conducted in Japan, I was able enjoy myself in Australia during the ANU program as well. Because we had a chance to experience a similar program in Tokyo, we did not hesitate to proactively participate in the ANU program. Therefore, we were able to experience a great number of things starting right from the very first day in Australia. Moreover, even though the group system was not used in Australia, I still spent most of my stay with my ANU friends.


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