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UTokyo/ANU Exchange in Canberra/Kioloa
E. U. (Humanities and Social Sciences I, Junior Division)

I decided to participate in this program because I didn’t want to just go abroad and study English. I was interested in learning in English interactively, through lectures and field trips. The courses covered diverse topics from art to environmental issues, and I was able to come in contact with academic disciplines that I had never studied at my own university. Also, because we were spending almost all day every day with the ANU students, I had the opportunity to think about how to build good relationships and become friends with people of a different culture, with different customs and ways of thinking. In my own way I think that I was successful in this. I think that as long as you participate in this program knowing what you want to accomplish, you will have many constructive experiences. Due to the kind professors and TA’s who were always there to help when I had a problem or wasn’t sure of something on my own, the time I spent in Australia was very valuable.


Visiting Australian National Botanic Gardens


Participated in a series of seminars
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