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German Language School in Bonn
(Yusuke Kojima, Freshman, Science II Division)

My main motivation to participate in this seminar was to improve my German Language skills, and I was therefore very much looking forward to the morning German language courses, however I was also a little nervous about taking German classes completely in German. However,  the teacher used simple German, so I was able to understand pretty well, and I think that my listening skills improved. The content of the classes was even better than I expected, and I not only did I learn how new grammar could be used in everyday situations, the teacher taught us the German words for notable things around us, and the students were able to ask how to say various things in German. This helped me gain language skills that I can actually use in daily life. We also had a class where we went to a German supermarket, which was very a very valuable experience because it would not have been possible in Japan. One thing that stands out in my memory is learning the word "guck." When you look up this word in the dictionary, the pronunciation is written as "gook." However, I learned in class that the actually pronounciation is "kook," and I was then able to recognize when children on the street said "guck mal!" to their parents. At that moment I was thankful that I had come to Germany, because I was learning real German that I couldn't absorb by just looking up words in a dictionary in Japan. More than teaching us new German, this course was more helpful in allowing us to use the German that we had learned in the Junior division of UTokyo, and to build upon those skills. Therefore, I can't really say that I made great progress with my German just through this course. However, this course has influenced how I will study German from now on.


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