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Visible/invisible Cities: Tokyo/Sydney/Melbourne

College of Arts and Sciences, Senior Division, Miku Tobari

The theme of this program was “Visible and Invisible City.” We learned a lot about the “visible” and “invisible” aspects of Tokyo from various viewpoints such as infrastructure, religion, and culture.
One of the most notable features of this program is the wide range of fieldwork. For example, as some “invisible” aspects of Tokyo, we visited the Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel, and Tokyo Metropolitan Government Waste Landfill Site, to learn that our ordinary life is made possible by an invisible infrastructure and people’s support. We also walked around a Korean community and went to an Islamic mosque. These experiences enabled me to realize how people with silent voices in minority groups are living in different ways from ours. This program was quite helpful, not only for Australian students to understand Japan, but also for Japanese students to once more reconsider the oft-overlooked mechanism and reality of “Tokyo” and “Japan" in a variety of ways.
Filmmaking with Australian students was also enjoyable. We made short movies to reflect modern Tokyo`s “visible” and “invisible" aspects. Talking with and getting to know Australian students both in class and out of class left me with lots of great memories.
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