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Seoul National University Summer Programme

Seoul National Uni Gate
Seoul National University Short-term Summer Programme Report
Author   Yuri Hayakawa
Department     Faculty of Liberal Arts, 2nd Year
This summer, I took part in a twenty day exchange programme at Seoul National University. We had four hours of language classes in the morning, lead by three teachers from the language education institute. The classes were pretty much aligned with the textbooks, started with a quiz each time, and involved role plays and partner work. 

Upon returing home, I am still in touch with the people I became close to during the programme. Among them, there are some who became much more interested in Japan through this exchange and told me that they want to come and visit one day. Being there allowed me to experience firsthand the culture and atmosphere of the country, as well as the warmth of the Korean people, which also furthered my own interest in Korea. Although there is still a lot I do not know, and have not seen, I would like to return to Korea in the near future to deepen my understanding of the country and make more connections with Korean people. 

The ability to gain a newfound love for Korea, and Korean friends, crossing beyond national borders and nationality is an irreplaceable experience which I was able to have through this international exchange programme. 

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