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Bonn German Summer School 

Until this exchange programme, I had never been abroad, so this was my first visit overseas. It had only been a short while since I started learning German, so I was quite nervous and had many doubts, especially because I was surrounded by many students who had grown up speaking German. Despite having to rely on English and listening skills a lot, the two weeks were much more fulfilling than I had expected. 

When I first signed up for this programme and saw that there were lessons every morning on the schedule, I thought it would be endless studying for the entire programme. However, the lessons were actually really fun. The teacher on the programme taught all of the classes only speaking in German, and it was extremely difficult at times, having German explained to you in German! However, it was an active and practical way to learn, and stimulating for the rest of the students in the class. Also, the class where we had to interview people in the streets of Bonn took a lot of courage for me to take part in, but feeling the joy of being understood by local people was something you can only experience by actually going to the locality where the language you are learning is spoken. 

Personally, because it was my first time abroad, I learnt a great deal. Through this programme, my motivation to continue learning German and English increased dramatically, and I was able to see many new things with my own eyes. I also made strong connections with the other members of the programme, and I had such a happy and fulfilling experience that I did not want the two weeks to come to an end. 

Although I do not normally write a diary, I wrote down everything that happened over the two weeks of the programme in great detail. I never want to forget this experience of a lifetime. 


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