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The University of Tokyo Summer Internship Program in Kashiwa (UTSIP Kashiwa)

There are 3 things that stood out to me about the program.

The first was the kindness of the people in my lab. The teachers and graduate students spent time carefully instructing us, and I was able to make the most of my research experience. The fact that I was able to work through the many obstacles that occurred during our research alongside the teachers and researchers in the lab greatly contributed to my development as a researcher.

The second thing that stood out was the cultural exchange with program members from abroad. This program provided me with opportunities to interact with people from other countries both inside and outside the lab. The international students who participated in UTSIP were all talented and outgoing, and speaking with them all was very stimulating. Also, speaking in English about my research interests with the international students in my lab was a great and important experience.

The third thing that stuck out to me was the depth of the research content in the program. In the UTSIP Program, you are able to spend a good length of time exploring the subject of your research in the lab. You are also able to use the resources of your lab and other campus facilities to investigate aspects of your research that interest you. Throught the USTIP Program, I was able to completely satisfy my curiosity. On the other hand, because the content of the research was difficult there were many cases in which I was made aware of my own inadequacies. In this way the USTIP Program helped me realize what I will need to work on in the future.

There aren't many programs which allow second year undergraduate students to engage in such complicated research. I cannot thank the teachers, faculty and TA enough for making this program a reality. Thank you so much.
(Sato Tsuyoshi, 2nd year student, Natural Sciences 1)


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