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Soul University Summer Program

Thoughts on SNU Summer Program

I have been learning Korean since I was a high school student, attracted by various K-pop songs and Korean TV dramas. Most of the Korean teachers suggest I go to Korea and try to communicate with the locals. I was always finding some chances to visit this country in person, but I failed due to several reasons. Therefore, as soon as the program was announced in class, I tried to register regardless of any difficulties that I came across.

Because everyone in the group was punctual and reliable, all activities and classes were done very smoothly. We finished a whole textbook that was full of grammars and words in three weeks, together with UCC tasks, role plays, and a presentation. The class was 4-hour long, but there was sufficient time for us to have a rest and the teachers also kindly prepared snacks for us. The process was arduous but fun, and every student demonstrated his or her talent during the classes, and especially, at the closing ceremony, where we enjoyed a whole session of our fruitful accomplishments achieved with the help of teachers, TAs and other students in class.

Apart from the academic part, we also enjoyed the great landscape and culture of Korea. We first tried to cook Korean food and put on Korean traditional clothes, which were quite exotic to me, and maybe to other participants as well. Also, we visited the DMZ tunnel where we got to know much information about North Korea and the history of the Korean Peninsular.

Korean people in general seem affable and enthusiastic for me, which made me more reluctant to leave this lovely place. This program not only taught me material stuff like the Korean language, Korean culture and history, but also broadened my horizons so that I feel easier to accept another culture and cooperate better with people from different cultural back grounds.

Yang Yi (PEAK 3rd)


To experience the traditional musical instruments of Korea


Cooking Korean food(Bulgogi & Korean pancake)


To experience Korean tea ceremony
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