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Explore Japan with Finnish and Hungarian students

This course has definitely improved my motivation for academic study; for example, I learned new things about how to slowly find a question and try to solve it, and about being careful with anonymity in collecting research data. In addition, the course taught me a lot about group work. It was stimulating and interesting, and I was never bored.
The most important thing for me is to challenge how you use limited time to complete satisfying work. In the following, I will write some points I learned from experiencing this course.
1) You need to actively express your opinion. You might not be able to convince others but you need to at least try. Every idea is worthy of discussion. Even if you end up with just rejecting the idea, understanding the process of why your idea was rejected is good practice.
2) You need to schedule your time well. Especially when you have appointment with people, you need to make sure all your group members are able to attend and that your preparation is thorough enough.
3) You need to be patient in regards to your position. You should be confident, and at the same time, flexible. The more you participate in the group, the more confident you will feel.
Beside the work, I really enjoyed the time we spent together. This was the most fruitful and meaningful experience I have had at the University of Tokyo.


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