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Promoting learning - The Finnish way

This global praxis gave me a lot of knowledge and made me rethink my learning up until now. At first, I imaged that Finnish education was good, but I didn’t know why. After this program, I have learned that Finnish education is not perfect, but that the Finnish people are trying their best to improve education. We don’t have to imitate everything in their system, but still I noticed many things we can learn from Finland.
I think the most important thing in the Finnish education system is the focus on the aim of the education. They are teaching for a person’s entire lifetime. English education is one example. Since Finnish is not spoken in other countries, Finnish people understand that they should learn English to communicate with people from other countries. Therefore, they have a practical reason to study English. The aim of education is clear in other fields as well. During the global praxis, our professor repeatedly said that the client of education, that is, the student, is the future, and that making learning meaningful to students is important. Since we don’t know what information will be needed in the future, what we need is the skill to find, evaluate, and utilize information. Therefore, in Finland they don’t have standardized tests which are for just testing how children memorize contents in their class, and they don’t teach only facts and information. Instead, they teach skills children can use, and the significance of improving those skills. 


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