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Global Praxis is one of the new thematic courses starting in the 2015 academic year. Having had intellectual experiences abroad, participants in Global Praxis courses are expected to expand their knowledge on a topic and to cultivate their ability to understand and analyze things from a global perspective. Students can obtain credits after completing the course requirements.
As it is designed for students in the Junior Division, these courses are not intended to develop highly professional expertise. Both students of the Humanities and the Social Sciences as well as those of the Natural Sciences can share their interests and study together, and courses will equip students with the fundamental skills necessary for further study.


The courses of Global Praxis are offered to students during the summer break (from June to the beginning of September) and during the winter break (from January to March). Some courses require students to attend lectures before they go on a study-tour abroad.

Students who have not had experiences with different cultures and languages are welcome. Global Praxis encourages them to take the first step toward becoming global citizens. Students are expected to actively participate in the programs and be willing to widen their intellectual scope.

Statistics of course participants

Countries students visited

Participants' academic years and streams


Greece and France
Co-written by 14 students
Haruka Ishi (LI)
Kosuke Hasegawa (LIII)
Shunsuke Matsuno(LII)
W. K. (Natural Science I)
E. U. (Humanities and Social Sciences I, Junior Division)
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