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Incoming Students : Europe

Marie Hayashi Strand
Norway/College of Arts and Sciences (PEAK)/Undergraduate Student/Hello! My name is Marie Hayashi Strand, and I am a second year student in PEAK. I am half-Norwegian and half-Japanese, and lived in Norway, the Philippines and Singapore during my ch
Benoît Behaghel
France/Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology(RCAST)/Doctoral Student/I am a French research student working on my Ph.D in the Okada Laboratory (RCAST), under the Japanese-French collaboration on new concepts program called “NextPV” (next ge
Germany/College of Arts and Sciences (KOMSTEP)/Undergraduate Exchange Student/My name is Matthias Mercado, I am an exchange student from the Martin Luther University in Germany.My major is economics, but I want to work in Japan in the future, so I needed
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