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Outgoing Students

柳井 優哉
College of Arts and Sciences/University of Auckland (New Zealand)/2015/The reason was very simple for me. I wanted to improve my English and have an exchange experience as soon as possible (I could start my exchange as a sophomore only in the Oceania reg
井堀 拓郎
College of Arts and Sciences/International Volunteer (Ghana)/2013/Firstly, I wanted to learn what is official volunteer / international cooperation in order to consider about my future deeply.
芝宮 尚樹
College of Arts and Sciences/University of the Philippines (The Philippines)/2015/To use the approximately 10 month long study abroad program as an opportunity to conduct field work, a key methodology of Anthropology, paying attention to the relationship
College of Arts and Sciences (PEAK)/Swarthmore College (USA)/2016/There were also a few troubles, but there were always people who were willing to help. I was especially astonished by the tight bond within the community at Swarthmore.
留学体験談 山口 絵理子の写真
College of Arts and Sciences/Sapienza University of Rome (Italy)/2015-2016/ Ever since I spent one year in the US as an exchange students during high school, I've always believed that spending a certain amount of time abroad where everything is different
留学体験談 真武新太の写真
College of Arts and Sciences/University of Washington (America)/2015/ A friend of mine had studied abroad and recommended I study abroad too.
留学体験談 村井玲央の写真
College of Arts and Sciences/Hong Kong University(China)/2015/ I had been interested in living abroad, and I also thought studying abroad is the easiest way to enhance my language skills. I chose Hong Kong because I wanted to improve both my English and
留学体験談 滑川永
College of Arts and Sciences/University of Warwick (UK)/2015-2016/ I had been vaguely thinking about going overseas, however it wasn't until I decided to major in English Literature and Theater, that, wanting to study in the birthplace of English, I deci
留学体験談 岡本祐太の写真
College of Arts and Sciences/National University of Singapore(Singapore)/2015/ Feeling limited by what I could study in Japan, I wanted to interact with people of various backgrounds and to be able to consider what kind of life I wanted to live.
College of Arts and Sciences/University of Otago(New Zealand)/2015/The fact that I felt confined as a student in Japan.When I was praised by the lecturer for a presentation that I had worked on for two weeks.At the beginning of my stay, I couldn’t explai
College of Arts and Sciences/University of Washington(USA)/2014~2015/I vaguely thought about studying overseas when I was in junior high. I was in Shanghai at the time, and I had friends who went on to study in Singapore and America, so I thought I would
College of Arts and Sciences/Trinity College Dublin, University of Dublin(Ireland)/2014~2015/I wanted to gain a new experience by living for a year in another country with a different culture and language. I wanted to combine my major of international re
saito haruki profile pic
College of Arts and Sciences/Peking University(China)/2014~2015/I took a three-week trip to China and thought “I want to know this place better.”The trip that I took with the help of my local friends.
近藤 那子
College of Arts and Sciences/ Peking University(China)/ 2012~2013/At a student exchange circle event that I took part in my first and second year at university, I had a conversation with a Chinese student, and I was so impressed by the strength of their
College of Arts and Sciences/ University of Michigan (USA)/ 2012~2013/Michigan University is a large-scale university, ranked in the top 5 Universities in the USA. Foreign exchange students from the University of Tokyo join the College of Literature, De
香田 華奈
College of Arts and Sciences/ University of Washington(USA)/ 2012~2013/The University of Washington The University of Washington is the State university of Washington State and is located on the West Coast. The climate in Seattle is similar to Tokyo, and
江藤 博哉
College of Arts and Sciences/ Uppsala University (Sweden)/ 2012~2013/The mystical aurora that I saw in the world of -30°C, the times I spent in the pub drinking and chatting, the assignments I had to work on with friends until late at night... Even after
伊藤 優
College of Arts and Sciences/ Science Po (France)/ 2010~2011/Looking back on my 10 months in France, I strongly feel again the influence of the things I experienced through my life studying overseas and what I was thinking at that time. I looked at overs
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