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Outgoing Students : Asia

芝宮 尚樹
College of Arts and Sciences/University of the Philippines (The Philippines)/2015/To use the approximately 10 month long study abroad program as an opportunity to conduct field work, a key methodology of Anthropology, paying attention to the relationship
留学体験談 村井玲央の写真
College of Arts and Sciences/Hong Kong University(China)/2015/ I had been interested in living abroad, and I also thought studying abroad is the easiest way to enhance my language skills. I chose Hong Kong because I wanted to improve both my English and
留学体験談 岡本祐太の写真
College of Arts and Sciences/National University of Singapore(Singapore)/2015/ Feeling limited by what I could study in Japan, I wanted to interact with people of various backgrounds and to be able to consider what kind of life I wanted to live.
saito haruki profile pic
College of Arts and Sciences/Peking University(China)/2014~2015/I took a three-week trip to China and thought “I want to know this place better.”The trip that I took with the help of my local friends.
近藤 那子
College of Arts and Sciences/ Peking University(China)/ 2012~2013/At a student exchange circle event that I took part in my first and second year at university, I had a conversation with a Chinese student, and I was so impressed by the strength of their
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