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Outgoing Students : Europe

留学体験談 山口 絵理子の写真
College of Arts and Sciences/Sapienza University of Rome (Italy)/2015-2016/ Ever since I spent one year in the US as an exchange students during high school, I've always believed that spending a certain amount of time abroad where everything is different
留学体験談 滑川永
College of Arts and Sciences/University of Warwick (UK)/2015-2016/ I had been vaguely thinking about going overseas, however it wasn't until I decided to major in English Literature and Theater, that, wanting to study in the birthplace of English, I deci
College of Arts and Sciences/Trinity College Dublin, University of Dublin(Ireland)/2014~2015/I wanted to gain a new experience by living for a year in another country with a different culture and language. I wanted to combine my major of international re
江藤 博哉
College of Arts and Sciences/ Uppsala University (Sweden)/ 2012~2013/The mystical aurora that I saw in the world of -30°C, the times I spent in the pub drinking and chatting, the assignments I had to work on with friends until late at night... Even after
伊藤 優
College of Arts and Sciences/ Science Po (France)/ 2010~2011/Looking back on my 10 months in France, I strongly feel again the influence of the things I experienced through my life studying overseas and what I was thinking at that time. I looked at overs
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