UTokyo Global FD ワークショップ Prof. James Arvanitakis

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17:00-18:30 / KIBER 314 / 教員および学生
17:00 - 18:30pm

東京大学駒場キャンパス KIBER314

Being an academic:               
What am I doing this for again?

Professor James Arvanitakis has been awarded the Australian Prime Minister’s Australian University Teacher of the Year. He gained this prestigious recognition, through an impressive track record of implementing innovative and alternative teaching methods. His tutorials integrate open phone lines allowing students to text-in questions as well as flash mob dances to explain chaos theory.
In this workshop James, will discuss the need to innovate teaching, enhancing the quality of learning and teaching in Higher Education and how we can find the nexus between research, community engagement and teaching.

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Prof. James Arvanitakis Workshop Poster

日時2017年11月22日 水曜日   17:00- 18:30
場所東京大学駒場キャンパス KIBER314
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