UTokyo Global FD ワークショップ Prof. Kimberly Hutchings

Prof. Hutchings Workshop バナー (0125)
15:30-17:00 / KIBER 314 / 全教職員・学生
15:30 - 17:00

東京大学駒場キャンパス KIBER314

Techniques for Teaching Theory in the Classroom

This workshop focuses on the practical pedagogical challenges of teaching abstract theoretical material to undergraduate students. It focuses on the pros and cons of different pedagogical practices in relation to teaching theory, thinkers, concepts and ideologies in the social sciences and humanities. It is argued that although more didactic methods have their place in teaching theoretical material, the use of examples that speak directly to students, together with practical exercises, dialogue and recursive reiteration, are essential for students to be able to discriminate between different theoretical positions, as well as to deploy them in their own analyses and judgments. In this context, the workshop convenor also discusses the pedagogic thinking underlying the structure of her textbook, Global Ethics: An Introduction (Polity Press, 2010; 2nd edition in preparation).

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Prof. Hutchings Workshop Poster (0125)

日付2018年1月25日  木曜日 15:30 - 17:00
場所東京大学駒場キャンパス KIBER314
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