UTokyo Global FD セミナー Prof. Nicola Liscutin, Prof. Tatsuhiko Matsushita, and Prof. Yusuke Sakurai

Spotlight Poster バナー
18:00~19:15 / KIBER 314 / All faculty, staff and students
18:00 - 19:15

東京大学駒場キャンパス KIBER314

Spotlight : Shining a light on innovative teaching practice at the University of Tokyo


―Global Education for Innovation and Leadership (GEfIL)-
(by Prof. Nikola Liscutin)

The presentation will be an an overview of UTokyo's special university-wide, undergraduate program Global Education for Innovation and Leadership (GEfIL) established in 2015, its objectives and curriculum. It will also discuss some of the results achieved so far and the challenges.

ーJapanese Language Courses at Komaba : Features, Issues, and Expectationsー
(by Prof. Tatsuhiko Matsushita)

Japanese language programs in Japanese universities are minority (albeit important) program in many ways. In a broad sense, they have something in common with English programs in English-speaking universities, but there is also a unique aspect to Japanese language education in Japan. In this presentation, I will briefly introduce the Japanese language program at UTokyo Komaba, as well as the teaching methods that might be useful in other courses and possible contributions to the UTokyo community based on the program practice itself.

―Teaching Courses Abroad―
(by Prof. Yusuke Sakurai)

This talk will provide basic information for UTokyo Faculty who are interested in teaching students abroad as a course. Courses offered as Thematic Courses, Global Praxis and Global Praxis (Advanced) are designed for Senior and Junior Division students respectively. Having had intellectual experiences abroad, students in Global Praxis courses are expected to expand their knowledge on a topic and to cultivate their ability to understand and analyze things from a global perspective. Both students of the Humanities and the Social Sciences as well as those of the Natural Sciences can share their interests and study together, and courses will equip students with the fundamental skills necessary for further study. Students can obtain credits after completing the course requirements. This session will give you general information about how you offer the course and what you need to do before sojourn.

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Spotlight Poster

日付2018年7月19日 木曜日  18:00 - 19:15
場所東京大学駒場キャンパス KIBER314
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