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Health and Safety

Health Service Center

We have health service centers on our Komaba, Hongo and Kashiwa campuses. Anyone belonging to the university can visit any of the Health Service Centers to receive diagnosis and treatment for illnesses and injuries, as well as for health counseling, first aid and other services, regardless of the department to which he or she belongs. As for services such as medical checkups and issuance of various medical examination reports, members of the University of Tokyo community should visit the Health Service Center on the campus where his or her faculty, graduate school or department is located.

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Risk Management

Komaba Alert

This system is used to notify you and to inquire about your safety in the event of disasters such as major earthquakes and flu epidemics. E-mails will be sent to your computers and mobile phones from the university for this purpose. All students need to register with Komaba Alert.

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Disaster Prevention

Each semester, the International Center Komaba Office organizes an Earthquake and Disaster Prevention seminar for international students.

The International Center Hongo Office provides various information regarding earthquake and disaster prevention for international students and foreign researchers.

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IMAS: Inbound Medical Assistance Service for International Students at UTokyo

The University of Tokyo (UTokyo) provides the titled service: IMAS (Inbound Medical Assistance Service) through a specialist organization (EAJ – Emergency Assistance Japan ) for international students. To use this service please read the following website carefully and complete the application form on the following website.



■ For general questions about IMAS
  Life Supporting Team, International Students and Researchers Support Group
■ For questions about the handling of IMAS in College/Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
  International Student Section, Academic Affairs Division (Administration Building 1F)

Useful Links

Tokyo Metropolitan Health and Medical Information Center

The Tokyo Metropolitan Health and Medical Information Center (Tokyo-to Hoken Iryo Joho Center) provides information about medical institutions and employs staff who speak foreign languages. The center also provides information about the medical and health insurance systems in Japan. For details, please click here.

Multilingual medical questionnaire system, "M3(M-cube)"

With this M3 system, you can take medical interviews in your selected language on the Internet before going to a hospital. The results of the interview can then be printed out and taken to a hospital. You can also scan the QR code and view the results on your cell phone. For details, please click here.

Find a doctor now - a survival guide for getting medical treatment in Japan for UTokyo international students, researchers and their families

This webpage gives you tips to find clinics/hospitals in the Kanto area of Japan so that you can receive the appropriate treatment.  Also, the information provided on the webpage may help you with emergency hospital visits, as it explains what to do when you visit clinics and hospitals in Japan and also includes information on Japanese health insurance, support for pregnant woman and care of infants.
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