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Scholarships / Financial Aid

Scholarships Available in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences / College of Arts and Sciences

Registration for Scholarships

The College of Arts and Sciences and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences have introduced a registration system for international students desiring privately funded scholarships (including the Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship and The Scholarships for International Students, The University of Tokyo Foundation) that require the university’s recommendation. Under the registration system, international students desiring such scholarships should submit an application form every half year to renew their registration. After preparing lists of registered applicants, the Scholarships Committee of the College of Arts and Sciences and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences will recommend several listed applicants to the university-wide screening board.

There is no guarantee that all the registered students will be nominated.  Also gaining nomination does not necessarily mean that the students will win the scholarship concerned, since nominees need to undergo further screening under the university-wide screening process and that of the respective scholarship foundation.

Introduction of the new system has significantly decreased the burden on international students in terms of preparing application forms for each of the various scholarships. At the same time, this system helps ensure the impartiality and fairness of the Scholarships Committee’s recommendations.
Registration periods will be announced on our website.  Students who would like to apply for the scholarships requiring the university’s recommendation must register during these periods.
There are scholarships for which you can directly apply to the foundations.  We put the details on our website each time we receive this information.


Please read the application guidelines carefully and go through all the necessary procedures by the due dates.
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